Acne on Your Face’s Specific Area Tells Something About Your Health


Pimples rise up and popup in our faces because of some reasons. In Chinese tradition, people can
recognize the health condition of a body. So, the functions of face feature like nose, ears,
forehead, cheeks and chin all these interact. In this article teach us the study of our body if pimples popup what should we do for their treatment.

Face Says Something About Your Health

When we observed our face then some physician and doctors can recognize the diseases which is
developed and born in the body. In face study forehead, nose, ears, eyes, cheeks and chin involve
in this study.


Upper forehead is directly linked with the digestive system, the large intestine and bladder. When our body has poor digestive system then our body breaking down food slowly and present toxin in the body. So, in the case or this problem has more antitoxin rich food and drinks including lemon, green tea and berries.

The lower forehead according to chines it is associated with mind and spirit. If pimples popup in this area then the reason is tension, not sleeping well, stress, depression and blood circulation is not normal. For this problem, the solution is to sleep an early night like 10 pm and relax your mind with peace may be watching a movie take a long bath, hang out with
friends and do some exercise.


The nose is a sensitive part of our body it is associated with heart. I pimples popup in it then cause
us stress and blood pressure. So, you need to find time to down yourself relax. Then the blood
pressure is normal and stress release.


Eyebrows reflection the liver working condition. Pimples popup in eyebrows because of the assumption of alcohol and high fat diet. The solution of this problem is really simple you must
know what should you do or what you not.


Pimples starting in the ears it means that kidneys are not taking care. Kidney in trouble after
taking too much salt and caffeine and lack of water. For better kidney work must drink water
sufficiently in a day and avoid the usage of sodium salt and caffeine.

Right Side Cheek

Right side of the cheek correspond to the lungs pimple rise up here because of smoking,
respiratory stress and allergies. You might be take care or your respiratory system so avoid
smoking and smoking places.

Mouth and Chin

Center of the chin and mouth is associated with stomach and small intestine. Pimples breakout in
chin due to using fast food and constipation. So, for protection of better work use fresh food with
including whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Sides Chine

The sides of the chin are liked with kidneys and reproductive organs of the body. Pimples show
up in these areas because of menstrual cycle in women, hormonal imbalance and overwork of
kidneys. So, you should be relaxed don’t worry about matters and things.

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