How To Control Diabetes? Follow This Amazing Diet!


Diabetes becomes a part of the human nowadays. I know even a healthy person has affected by
diabetes. There is a hope that it is impossible to cure it and you have to intake the medicine lifelong
to control it.

However, if you know anybody or are you affected by diabetes?

As per the medical science, when the pancreas unable to release enough insulin to control the
glucose due to the damage of beta cells, the person would be affected by diabetics.
Instead of controlling the people with diabetes with medicine, you bring it down to sleep mode by

What is Sleep Mode?

Some people claim that they are free from the diabetics and when you hear such news you will get
amazed. It is not 100% true they put in sleep mode.

When you eat the carbohydrates rich foods in your daily diet, the body gets more glucose from the
carb, so the body needs the insulin to control the glucose. If the pancreas is not able to release
enough hormone, the glucose become uncontrolled, so the people have affected with the diabetic
that we call it.

If you want to put the diabetic in sleep mode, you have to stop carbohydrates rich foods in your diet
and eat fat-rich foods.

Once, you stop to eat carbohydrate-rich foods in your diet; the pancreas does not need to release
the insulin instead the body get another hormone called ketones instruct the body to use the fat as
the primary energy instead of fat.

Now, you do not eat carb-rich, and you eat fat rich, adequate protein in your regular diet, there is no
glucose, so your diabetic level will reduce day by day and come to the normal value after the
particular days.

One thing keep in your mind, according to the value of the diabetic it takes days to bring down to
the healthy level, so you do not expect any magic in a single day.

If you do the mistake of eating carbs rich foods in your diet again, the diabetic will be back slowly. So
don’t do it.

What Should You Eat?

What the vegetables all grow above the ground is recommended. If you are determined to control
your diabetic to normal, then you have to eat fat-rich low carb foods.

Fat does not raise the glucose level in the blood instead of it helps you to get a lean and healthy
body as well as control your glucose level.

If you are a non-veg, then you can eat all kinds of seafood, meat, and eggs which have enormous of
fat and less or no carbs.

If you are veg, then your option is limited like you eat cottage chess, nuts, and vegetables which is
grown above the ground level.

I recommend you to consult your doctor before you follow the diet. Diet is not a magic stick we have
to understand the science of the diabetic and how the body effects and find a solution for it. Healthy
eating always recommends freeing from health problems.

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