What should We Eat For Hair Growth


Everyone’s dream to have strong, long and shiny hair but everyone is no able to fulfil their
dream and wish. Definitely, it’s important to keep your scalp clean and healthy, but it is also
important to pay attention to your food and diet. You have curled, smooth or silky and dry hair,
its all depends on your inside health. Each element is made up of cells that contain protein called
keratin and they need to be regularly nourished vitamins and minerals to make hair strong and
long. So, you should be keep on eye on your diet what should you prefer to eat or what you

There is presenting the list of food that helps you to have strong and healthy hair.

o Spinach and other dark leafy greens
o Eggs
o Citrus fruits
o Whole Grains
o Nuts and seeds
o Avocado
o Carrots


Spinach and other dark leafy greens are best diet for the provision of iron. So, iron is important
material for gaining minerals that our hair cells required. In fact, shortage of iron in the body
cause hair loss and hair damage.


The hair formation is made up of protein, therefore it is vital to ensure that you have sufficient
protein in your diet. Eggs have richest natural source of protein and protein is building block of
hair growth and nourishing.

3.Citrus fruits

Our body requires the C-Vitamin for iron absorption so that’s why its need to add citrus fruits in
daily routine diet. Nutritionist mention that one lime per day is adequate to get your daily dose of
C-Vitamin. So, make yourself a laid-back glass of limbu paani (with honey or any alternative
sugar) and you’re fixed.

4.Whole grains

Whole grains are adequately rich in biotin along with zinc, iron and vitamin B. so, the biotin I
essential for cell creation and plays a vital part in producing amino acid (protein) that is required
for hair growth.

5.Nuts and seeds

The omega-3 fatty acids support thickening and feed the hair. Our body cannot produce these healthy fats, so, its need to originate them form our diet. Walnuts and almonds are really high in
omega-3 fatty acids.


The avocado offers our body to give E vitamin. So, E vitamin better the blood circulation and
helps the follicles work more resourcefully to endorse hair growth. So that’s why its help to
maintain Ph level and oil balance in hair growth.


Carrots in our diet is richest source in gaining A vitamin. So, the hair has fastest growing tissues
in body and A vitamin is essential for the growth of every cell.

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